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SCHWING Fluid Technik GmbH

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About us

SCHWING is the only manufacturer worldwide who offers all advanced thermal cleaning technologies for the removal of polymers and organic contaminations from metal tools and machine parts of any type and size. SCHWING deliberately takes advantage of the individual cleaning processes, for example pyrolysis under vacuum, fluidized bed pyrolysis or hydrolysis and combines them with over 40 years of experience in thermal process control. This produces customized cleaning concepts for specific applications, tools and/or materials satisfying every customer.

SCHWING stands for:

  • CLEAN – cleaned perfectly without carbon residues
  • QUICKLY – cleaned and immediately returned to production
  • GENTLE – on the part, tool and the environment
  • ECONOMICAL – in terms of energy consumption and operation
  • SAFE – through operation with intelligent controls

Products and services

The thermal cleaning processes from SCHWING can be employed for a wide variety of applications and production processes. Their effectiveness pays off especially for plastics and polymer manufacturers as well as for companies processing these materials. Pumps, lines, filters and similar machine parts significantly contribute to low failure rate operation as well as product quality. Superbly cleaned spin nozzles are a key guarantee of quality in fiber production.

SCHWING offers systems and solutions for the following companies or application areas:

  • Polymer and master batch producers
  • Chemical fibers industry
  • Injection molding
  • Extrusion (profiles, film)
  • Filter systems (disks, candles)
  • Electric motors
  • Paint stripping, Decoating (rubber, plastics, foods)


VACUCLEAN is an easy to install, environmentally and user friendly vacuum pyrolysis cleaning system (vacuum cleaning oven) for removing plastic residues from tools and long components.

Complete removal of organic adherent matter, free from carbon residues
Precise, reliable and gentle cleaning of large tools and components
Easy installation (no gas), low operating costs
Increased tool life and life cycles, reduced machine downtimes



MAXICLEAN is an environmentally and user friendly pyrolysis system (pyrolysis furnace, pyrolysis oven) for removing plastics without halogenated additives from especially large tools and components.

Complete plastics removal in a single step
Flexible reliable cleaning of large tools and components
Effective environmentally friendly removal of all halogen-free plastics
Increased tool life, reduced machine downtimes



INNOVACLEAN is a compact, environmentally and user friendly fluidized bed pyrolysis system which removes all polymers - even halogenated substances such as PVC or PTFE - quickly and reliably from small and medium-size tools and components.

Very fast residue-free cleaning in only a single process step
Flexible reliable cleaning of assembled and disassembled tools
Effective and environmentally compatible removal of ALL plastics
Increased tool life, reduced machine downtimes


SCHWING Fluid Technik GmbH
Oderstr. 7
47506 Neukirchen-Vluyn

Phone: +49 2845 930-0
Fax: +49 2845 930-100

Juris Radus
Head of East European Office
Phone: +371 29 120193

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