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LUXOR CA S Compressed air micro dryers

Injection moulders producing very small parts are faced with the unique challenge of being able to dry just the right amount of material for their process. Operating in extremely critical production conditions, these smaller throughputs can present considerable problems. Consequently, it is important to scale the drying to the size of the moulding machine. The new LUXOR CA S range of dryers fits perfectly into this concept. It is also suited for cleanroom applications. The range is comprised of a modular line of correctly sized drying equipment helping moulders to meet the small tolerances without waste or contamination. The LUXOR CA S compressed air dryers take factory supplied compressed air which is expanded to atmospheric pressure. This produces dry process air – with a very low dew point – which is then heated to the required drying temperature.

Exhibitor: motan-colortronic GmbH

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