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Pellet Scan - PS800C

The PS800C system is used to analyse transparent and opaque pellets. The pellets are inspected with two high precise colour line scan cameras for impurities, foreign bodies, or colour deviations. The pellets are inspected with 100 μm resolution and 800kg/h throughput, which is just right to still guarantee the highest level of quality control. OCS stands for Quality, not Quantity in all devices and that is one reason for our success. An additional feature for the PS800C is the determination of the mixing ratio of different coloured pellets, which is an essential feature for compounder & master batch manufacturer. Measuring errors are eliminated by use of numerous additional optical components. There is no color dependency as with many other optoelectronic appliances. A high level of efficiency is achieved by powerful image processing software. The synchronisation of the transport system with the image processing offers a major contribution to the reproducibility of the measurement results. This combination of innovative technologies leads to a much faster response time in the process which is very important for a functional and smooth on-line quality control. Installation in the bypass guarantees production monitoring and rapid reaction to any occurrences. The system provides a variety of individual configurations, which guarantees an improved adaptation to specific requirements. The measurement data is stored in a test report to enable future analysis. The recorded images and measured data can be observed on a screen during the measuring process. The results can be shown and printed in tables or graphs which simplifies the application and evaluation for the customer.

Exhibitor: OCS Optical Control Systems GmbH

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